Order your Raw Products Online 


You can buy the raw milk in either 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 litre options. The raw milk will arrive in 1 litre plastic bottles, to make it easier for you to freeze and use a bit at a time, if you should wish. Please note that the 10 & 20 Litres of raw milk has a 1 and a 2 litre container size option available to help suit your fridge and freezer capacity. We will simply add your raw cream and milkshake order in your parcel so will all arrive at the same time alongside your milk.

The raw milk and milkshakes are bottled and cream is separated during afternoon milking before being packaged up and sent out that evening for your doorstep delivery the following day. Delivery is included in the price stated for Raw Milk. The delivery driver will be instructed to leave in a safe place if no one is available to sign for it. Parcels will be delivered any time between 8 am- 4 pm.

Delivery times:

- Order by Midnight on Sunday's for delivery on Tuesday.

- Order by Midnight  on Monday's for delivery on Wednesday.

- Order by Midnight on Tuesday's for delivery on Thursday.

- Order by Midnight on Wednesday for delivery on Friday.

Please Note For Cream Orders: 

Orders placed with raw cream will be sent out the following Thursday.


We pride ourselves on producing the freshest possible raw products at our farm for our customers and currently we run our cream separator twice weekly on a Monday and Thursday. These will be only days that the raw cream will be sent out in parcels. 


Raw Milk and Milkshake orders will be sent out on our normal delivery timetable as shown above. 

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“This milk has not been heat-treated and may therefore contain organisms harmful to health.”

“The Food Standards Agency strongly advises that it should not be consumed by children, pregnant women, older people or those who are unwell or have chronic illness.”